50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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50H YIN yoga teacher training

Discover the deep healing power of Yin Yoga.
This course is designed to provide a foundation for teaching Yin Yoga skillfully, from the heart with compassion and awareness. Also the course is for those who want to deepen their practice and their knowledge without wanting to teach yoga.

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Yoga Alliance® 50-hour yin Yoga Teacher Training Course in malaga (spain)

Next to Ilse Sobering, I will be instructor at this wonderful 50h Yin Yoga TTC organized by Viva la Vida Lifestyle.
Below you will find some general info, but please check out this link for all detailed info and prices.

- Monday 6th of May – Sunday 12th of May 2019
- Saturday 19th of October- Friday 25th of October 2019

Location: We have 2 different wonderful locations/accommodations for this training. Both are in the beautiful mountains near Malaga, Spain.


  • Yin Yoga philosophy & fundamentals of energy.

  • 14 Meridians.

  • Understand Yin Yoga poses & their variations.

  • Energy pathways in the body and how to get them flowing.

  • The secrets of the mind-body connection.

  • The power of your breath.

  • How to improve your own Yin Yoga practice.

  • How to use the props / support correctly. How to create custom sequences.

  • Understand the 7 Chakras.

  • Understand Yin Yoga specific Anatomy & Physiology.

  • How to teach a 60-90 minute Yin class.

  • How to teach & modify Yin Yoga poses.

  • Additional Restorative Yoga & Qigong sessions.

Content 7 Day Yoga Teacher Training Course

Learn inspiring wisdom teachings about Qi (energy), meridians and the Chinese 5 elements theory. We will do transformative meditations and you will learn how to use mudras. You will learn about fascia and the yin anatomy and surrender during a sound journey session.

We will have inspirational talks where the Chinese philosophy meets the Indian Yoga philosophy and our modern pathways of awakening.
Our Yin Teacher training in Spain will help you to  dive deeper into stillness,  openness, surrendering, relaxation, acceptance and helps you to find balance in this fast changing world.

You will be guided through the teaching method and sequencing of 25 key poses in Yin Yoga, and variations on these poses. You will have the opportunity for practical teaching experience and will be encouraged to develop your confidence in sharing Yin Yoga with other students during the training .

You will learn postures and teach an asana practice – through a multitude of lectures, discussions, posture exploration, teaching exercises and posture sequencing.

Our curriculum includes the following:

  • 20 hours yoga technique, training, and practice

  • 10 hours teaching methodology

  • 10 hours anatomy and physiology

  • 10 hours yoga philosophy

Why choose this Viva la Vida 50h Yin TTC:
There are a lot of Yoga Teacher Training courses on the market. You should choose one that feels good.
We have done several teacher courses in the past and we have learned what we find important in a course.

We are down to earth yogis that will offer you a professional comprehensive course that we have created with a lot of passion. We have learned so much that we would like to share with you. As for all of us our first teacher training was a big positive turning point in our lives.

You will find a lot of teacher training centers that have courses in huge groups.
We have chosen to work with small groups (16 max.). This creates a nice and intimate setting, were people can feel save and can share their experiences openly.
Working with small groups gives us the opportunity to give you enough attention and personal feedback.
All students will have a personal coach (one of the main teachers) that will help you on your personal journey.



“This has been one of the best weeks of my life!!
Ilse and Jane have a wonderful energy! They both radiate an incredible amount of love and passion, which fills you up with energy and inspiration.
During these 7 days of training I have grown as a person. I learned about myself and gained the confidence and knowledge that I needed to start teaching my own classes.
I am immensely grateful for this experience, dor the amount of useful information I learned, for the beautiful people I met, and, especially, for the teachers, Ilse and Jane, who made all this possible. I love you so much! Thank you!!”

— Mireia Beas moix, spain, MAY 2019

“Thank you for this week. I made wonderful new colleagues and enjoyed myself more than expected. The villa was beautiful and inspiring at every turn. I felt at home here immediately. Alejandro’s food is brilliant. It has been years since I ate this well! I was most surprised by how “down-to-earth” and relatable the group, especially experienced teachers were. this was a pleasant surprise and makes me feel proud to potentially teach yoga. This was an unforgettable week I will take with me and share for my life. I hope to see you again in the future.”

— starr cortner, usa, MAY 2019

“To the best duo,
Thank you so much for such a perfect week in Spain. Everything has been wonderful, the food, setting and company. Your passion for yin yoga has been truly inspirational and I ams so happy to had this experience with you both. You’ve inspired me to dive deeper into my journey to becoming a yoga teacher and running retreats. Thank you for everything, your love, fun and outgoing characters are brilliant. Never change.
All my love.”

— sophie dobson, england, MAY 2019

“Dear Ilse & Jane,
You have given me a very lovely week. I learned a lot and went through beautiful experiences. Thanks to the attention, love and your knowledge and professionalism, I was able to complete my 50-hour yin yoga teacher training. Thanks for everything. You are beautiful people. Hope to see you again.”

— julia verstraeten, netherlands, MAY 2019

Teaching Yin
Teaching Yin