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mindfulness workshop

Often one is inspired to take a yoga retreat during times of struggle. 
Whether it be burnout, grief, change, or some other current or past trauma being processed, a retreat is an opportunity to get away from stressful life events and let go of pain. 
But what happens after the retreat is through?
During this Yin Yang yoga retreat, learn how you can take the “restful mind” back to your daily life using the power of mindfulness.

Learn how the practice of mindfulness can help you transform your relationships to thoughts, behaviors, people, places, events, and, most importantly, yourself. 
During three, 1,5 hour long, sessions work with guest Mindfulness educator Sarah Sati to develop practical skills, useful during daily life to help with various issues like:
·      Stress and burnout
·      Grief
·      Anxiety and depression
·      Overeating
·      Chronic pain
·      Focus and attention

Experience for yourself why innovative organizations such as Google and Harvard have used mindfulness training to transform the success of their members. 


Sign up for this three-part series during the Yin Yang yoga retreat for 150 EUR.
Sarah will also be offering optional short morning practices to even further expand your mindfulness tool box and keep your “restful mind” fresh for re-entry into your daily life after the retreat.
Please email janebakxyoga@icloud.com for more info or to sign up.