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Please note that the latest testimonials and reviews for my retreats and teacher training courses can be found on the pages with all the info on the retreat or TTC.


“Dear Jane,
Thank you for such a wonderful yoga retreat. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to my needs. This week reenergized me and rebuilt my confidence in my mind and body. I am grateful for this experience in such a beautiful place!

— karen knemeyer, USA, June 2018

“What words can you give to a week (Yin Yang Yoga retreat - Spain) that was so special. A small attempt: the delicious food, the lovely yoga, a teacher, Jane, who has an eye for everyone, an environment where you secretly want to open your eyes during a meditation to see if you really sitting on such a beautiful mountain and a very sweet group of unique people. 
And I almost forgot the special sound journey with top chef Tiziana. In summary: a magical week! Namaste.”

— Ingrid deelstra, netherlands, october 2018

“Jane is a beautiful and warm person and a great yoga teacher. She has a lot of knowledge about proper alignment and the function of the human body. She was guest teacher during our Viva La Vida Yoga Retreat in Southern Spain. I really enjoyed working with her and I am looking forward to our next project together.
Thanks Jane!”

— Ilse-marie sobering (viva la vida retreats), Spain, october 2017


“Jane is a fantastic yoga teacher with a huge heart! She is extraordinarily skilled, patient & kind. What a gift it was to do yoga with her every day for a full week, I cannot wait to return!”

— Sam Naser, NYC, january 2018


“While windsurfing in Bonaire, Jane was conveniently right next door at Sorobon Beach Resort, offering delicious yoga classes. You don’t have to be a guest at Sorobon to join her affordable classes, and thank goodness!! .... as she kept me limber and balanced for more sailing. Like a massage! I also appreciated how she gently guided everyone towards better form; and she was sweetly patient with my friend who was a beginner. He loved it; and he was soon the one suggesting we go to her next morning class! Thanks Jane, and I look forward to sharing more ocean breezes and flow on the platform on my next trip to Bonaire.”

— Jill eagle, canada, march 2018


“One month ago I did the Rebalance & Renew retreat with Jane Bakx in Bonaire. The yoga lessons were on the beautiful yoga deck with a view on the blue sea. She was a wonderful teacher. Every day she focussed on a different aspect of the body and mind. The lessons were well prepared en there were enough 'props' to help you with the poses. She learned me to listen to my body and to take some time for myself, to relax and not to forget where to be thankful for.”

— Dorien varin, rotterdam, january 2018


"I met Jane on Koh Phangan in Thailand where I did my yoga teacher training. I have to say without her it wouldn't have been the same. Every time when someone had a little breakdown she was there to support us, which was for sure not an easy job! I also learnt a lot about adjustments Jane told us. But the best part was her yin yoga! I wouldn't say I didn't like yin yoga before but it wasn't my favorite yoga style. But then I went to Jane’s class after a hard teacher training day and it was absolutely beautiful and relaxing. Wow, she opened my door to yin yoga and I am so thankful for that. If anyone has the chance to go to Jane’s yoga classes I would definitelyrecommend it!!"

— Carina Schwarzbunt, germany, may 2017


"Jane, you are a great yoga teacher. The classes you taught here in Amsterdam were so lovely.
I loved that you introduced me to various styles of yoga. It didn’t matter whether you were teaching a dynamic vinyasa class or a peaceful and relaxed yin class, both had a wonderful build up and you were always able to create this lovely peaceful atmosphere that to me is so important in yoga.
So overall just great classes with at the end always a lovely personal touch; a wonderful massage in savanna.”

— ria berendsen, amsterdam, july 2017


"Of all the yoga classes I've taken, I've had the most fun and felt myself develop furthest under Jane's insightful teaching. Her knowledge of the subject and passion for yoga made the lessons feel worthwhile and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her for any type of class, course or retreat.”

— tim bolland, amsterdam, july 2017


"For someone like me who has a real love-hate relationship with yoga, I think Jane is the perfect teacher. After a lot of struggling finding my inner peace during practice Jane even made yoga fun for me.
Her lessons are just perfect in flow and intensity and beside that she’s really helpful in optimizing your postures.”

— Kiek BELJAARS, amsterdam, january 2017


"I met Jane on Koh Phangan where she assisted in my yoga teacher training course. I took her yin yoga classes, and found a new love for Yin. Her gentle tone and detailed guidance paired with her music choice, makes her yin classes intensive yet restorative.”

— Louisa lee, hong kong, may 2017


"Jane was my yoga teacher in Amsterdam for a while and I really enjoyed her calm and daring classes. Her flow classes are nice and challenging and her yin classes where pure joy! She gives everybody some personal attention and I especially loved the little massages in the end with heavenly scented oil.
I'm really sorry she's not in Amsterdam that often anymore but maybe I will come across her on one of my travels. Love her!”

— vivienne van nieuwenhuijzen, amsterdam, 2017


"Jane is the best yoga teacher I've ever had the pleasure of being taught by. Unlike many others, she takes the time to go around and helps adjust your poses in the best, personal way- always making you feel comfortable and confident in what you're doing. She always brings great energy into the room and her ability to mix strength, flexibility and relaxation in the same class makes for a truly enjoyably experience. 5 stars and beyond!”

— valentina jacks, amsterdam, 2017



“Best yoga teacher I ever had! Enjoyed some beautiful weeks with vinyasa morning flow in Goa, India.”

— Ellen emmerentze thommessen jervell, norway, July 6, 2017


“In August I spent 3 weeks at Sorobon. Every morning I followed the vinyasa classes given by Jane and it was wonderful. Jane is a kind and happy teacher who helps you to get stronger and more relaxed. Thank you Jane for the nice classes.”

— Sabine Boellaard, netherlands, sept 2018

“I was very lucky to join the Rebalance & Renew retreat on Bonaire from 2-9 December 2017.
The yoga lessons were perfectly in balance and personalized. Jane is a fabulous yoga teacher with not only a wealth of knowledge about the practice and the tradition, but a true passion for the growth of her students. You can’t help but be energized and optimistic after a class or session with her.
I am looking forward to one of her retreats in the future.”

— berit velstra, netherlands, december 2017

“What a warm welcome from you, Jane. I have felt this warmth throughout the whole week
(Yin Yang Yoga retreat - Spain), from you, but also from the rest of the group. What a great cook too. I got new inspiration, but also the peace of mind I was looking for. An incredibly beautiful experience that I can recommend to everyone.”

— Tessa Peul, Netherlands, october 2018

“Jane thank you for the great yoga lessons with you. I like your style of teaching, the precise announcements and the loving way you carry yoga. Especially unique was the yin and yang special”

— Bea bielig, düsseldorf, march 2018


“I have had the privilege to receive private yoga classes from Jane in Amsterdam. Her knowledge, passion and love of yoga is present in her teaching methods and she was able to challenge me on both physical and mental level. I have had the chance to experience classes from various yoga teachers in and around Amsterdam and can honestly say that Jane made it to my top 3. She was able to fit her classes to my personal needs and her guidance and support helped me to improve. Thank you Jane for those great months and I hope to attend one of your retreats in the near future!"

— Nicolien koning, amsterdam, august 2017


"Attending Jane's amazing yin class was everything I needed to restore me back to life. My body was tired from a yoga teacher training in the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, and her class addressed all my needs without her knowing my specifics. Her style is beautiful, graceful, and strong. Just like her. The music in the class was tranquil and her cues and sentiments allowed me to sink deeper into my poses and progress with my yoga practice. I look forward to attending one of her classes somewhere in the world someday soon. It was such a pleasure to meet her and experience her as an aid in my yoga teacher training and attend her magical class. Thanks Jane!!”

— alexea Takacs, LA, may 2017


"I had the opportunity to do some yoga classes with Jane while on holiday in Goa, India. A class taught by Jane is wonderful! She gives good personal guidance, is very dedicated, she understands yoga and what the purpose of yoga is. After her classes you feel happy and rebalanced.”

— andrea mabesoone, amsterdam, FEBRUARY 2017


"While doing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training on Koh Phangan (Thailand), Jane was one of the assistant teachers. Besides being a lovely personality and being able to provide students with specialized and well considered feedback, she’s a wonderful yoga teacher. During my Yoga Teacher Training I participated in her Yin Yoga classes. I actually never went to a Yin Yoga class before, but it blew my mind! She triggered my curiosity to learn more about it. The energy in the room while Jane is teaching is just magical. You’ll love every minute of it (like I did too)!”

— remco brink, netherlands, may 2017


"Having Jane as my teacher and a mentor during my recent yoga TTC on Koh Phangan was a true gift. Jane’s love, passion, dedication and discipline for yoga combined with her warmth, professionalism and empathy meant that every interaction and class with her was an unforgettable and enriching experience. I adored taking Jane’s yin yoga classes, her thoughtfully chosen sequences, music and caring adjustments. From a TTC mentoring perspective, Jane shared so much of her own experience and learnings, gave me advice and encouragement and built my confidence as a teacher. 
It has been a true pleasure for me to learn from and be inspired by you, Jane. Thank you for the incredible work that you do and I can't wait to practice together again soon."

— lisa conlan, ireland, may 2017


"Jane's classes feel balanced and incredibly well planned, She takes great care to read a room of varying abilities, giving individual attention whilst keeping on top of the class as a whole.
Her great choice of eclectic music takes you on a journey through the duration of the class, helping to focus and be more present in some of the more challenging postures!
I'd thoroughly recommend joining Jane's classes!!”

— dan hope, amsterdam, 2017


"Jane is a very dedicated and patient yoga instructor.  Her classes are well balanced and especially her flow classes are a must do! After one of her yoga sessions you feel rested and energetic at the same time.

— constance campagne, amsterdam, october 2016


"Jane's class was a little bit of heaven found after a hard day's work! Each class was slightly different keeping it interesting & bringing new challenges. Jane is a lovely, fun, energetic & soothing teacher with great taste in music & leggings!!"

— Becky elliotT, amsterdam, august 2017