What I teach


what i teach

I teach vinyasa, hatha flow, yin, restorative and meditation, on both the level of beginners and intermediate as well as advanced.
I welcome everybody to my classes, regardless of age, body shape or experience. 
As long as the body’s boundaries are respected my yoga classes can give every student exactly what one needs, whether one is a beginner or advanced.

The emphasis during my classes is on moving with the breath, encouraging a mindful practice to bring about inner peace and balance. I aim to help people to connect with themselves, listening in and feeling what it is the body, mind and soul need, while at the same time getting more flexible and strong.



In these classes movement is linked to the breath. A short meditation and warm-up are followed by a flow that leads from sun salutations, standing, seated and balancing postures to inversions. 
Since I believe in the importance of taking the time to feel the body and to get into the correct alignment for one’s body, my vinyasa classes move at a fairly slow pace, which helps to connect and listen in, making sure the body’s boundaries are respected.

Hatha flow
Hatha flow classes are a fusion of vinyasa flow and classical hatha yoga. A dynamic start of the class is followed by a standing sequence, seated practices, prone and supine poses and inversions, which are held longer than is the case in a vinyasa sequence. 

Yin and restorative yoga
Meant at aiming to stretch the connective tissues of the body and find full relaxation, yin and restorative yoga are passive and peaceful practices. While yin is more of a deep stretch class, which can sometimes be intense and is not always comfortable, restorative yoga is meant to find deep relaxation and should be effortless, comfortable and calming. Both kinds of classes consist of mainly seated and supine postures, which are generally held for 3-5 minutes. The focus is on stillness of body and mind.