Jane Urdhva Dhanurasana Lac Bai


After my first yoga retreat my life changed completely. I decided to go on a 3 month sabbatical and after that adventure I decided to quit my corporate job and travel around the world and teach yoga. That to me is a great example of how much impact a yoga retreat can have on one’s life. It is the perfect time to de-stress, relax, quiet the mind and reflect on yourself and your life. And when the mind becomes still one can really start to listen in, to the body and the heart. What is it that you really want and need in life? Come and find out, join me on one of the amazing retreats below. It's the best gift you can give yourself.

I also help to organize yoga and wellness retreats and events for other teachers. So if you need any help please contact me. As I worked as a producer in advertising for about 20 years your retreat or event is safe with me.

Yin-Yang retreat

Periana (malaga) - spain

A wonderful 7-day retreat in the mountains near Malaga. 
- 26 April - 2 May 2019
- 8 - 14 October 2019

Relax & renew during a wonderful week at a beautiful & peaceful location in the mountains near Malaga.

During this retreat we want to bring balance to your body, mind and heart. We want you to find a way to bring balance into your daily busy life.
We will take you on a journey passed the 5 elements, opening the body with yin practices, making the body stronger with dynamic yang practices, also doing various practices to quiet the mind, connect to yourself and find your inner peace.

Yin & Yang = Perfect combination.
Yin yoga is all about surrender and letting your muscles relax. Yang yoga is more like a typical vinyasa flow (dynamic yoga) class; keeping the body’s functionality and mobilizes the energy body to refresh the body’s vibrancy. When combined they compliment each other and balance out your energy.
By practicing Yin yoga before Yang (which we do during a few Yin-Yang sessions) we can carry over Yin’s very mindful way of practicing into our dynamic Yang practice. We truly benefit from the openness of the body and the stillness of the mind.

Connect with nature.
Stay at a beautiful finca surrounded by mountains.
Daily Yin & Yang yoga & meditation sessions. 
Eat delicious & healthy vegetarian food.
Includes a special sound journey session with Tibetan & crystal bowls.
Excursion on the beautiful Maroma mountain or to Alhama de Granada.
Excursion to the beach with yoga & time to relax.
A fun cooking workshop from our chef.
A lovely hike with a silent walking meditation and yoga on top of a mountain.
The option to add on a Mindfulness workshop (3x 1,5 hour) to your retreat. (read more below)

Together with Viva la Vida, I am hosting this wonderful Yin & Yang yoga retreat. Please check the website for more detailed info on the retreat program, location and prices: Viva la Vida Yin Yang retreat webpage.

You have the option to add on a Mindfulness workshop (3 sessions of 1,5 hours held throughout the week) by guest Mindfulness educator Sarah Sati. You will learn how the practice of mindfulness can help you transform your relationships to thoughts, behaviors, people, places, events, and, most importantly, yourself. 
You will get the tools to keep your restful mind back home after the retreat.

If you have any questions or want to make a reservation please contact me. 


“A huge heartfelt thanks goes out to Jane and her team for guiding me through an interesting and insightful journey during their Yin Yang yoga retreat with Viva La Vida Lifestyle. To the magestic mountains, that awesome view and the wonderful other yogis also on their very personal paths. For mindful meditations giving space to think and breathe, with downward dogs all giving strength to accomplish what lies ahead. For nature giving it’s all in so many stunning and emotional stirring ways and mainly for the love, support and care that everyone gave each other. It truly was a magical week filled with bountiful, soulful and delicious food, boundless love, belly shaking laughter and good cleansing tears.”

— Becky Elliot, england, may 2019

“What words can you give to a week that was so special. A small attempt: the delicious food, the lovely yoga, a teacher, Jane, who has an eye for everyone, an environment where you secretly want to open your eyes during a meditation to see if you really sitting on such a beautiful mountain and a very sweet group of unique people. 
And I almost forgot the special sound journey with top chef Tiziana. In summary: a magical week! Namaste.”


“Feeling so lucky & grateful.
This week was a real eye opener.
Thank you for all your optimism, flexibility, openness, concern, kindness, calmness and zest for life. This place felt like a beautiful, warm and safe cocoon in which everyone could grow. All of you are a source of inspiration. Big thanks.”

— britt Heylen, belgium, may 2019

“I felt relaxed from the first minute. A special group and an even more special week. Fantastic food and balance in every day. This week has given me peace and helped me to open my heart to all love. I received so much strength from the group, from Jane and from Tiziana. This week felt like: Together we are one.”

— Suzanne van der Veer, NETHERLANDS, OCTOBER 2018

“Thank you so much for the nice relaxing week!
It was very good to work on the body and mind during the yoga and hiking and of course with the amazing food! I really enjoyed this week, in the sun and with the group. I liked the variation in the program with the different activities but also time to relax.”

— Dorien varin & Jorie Versmissen, netherlands, may 2019

“What a special week. I wanted to go away alone for a bit, but not eat and do yoga alone. I found Viva la Vida, Ilse, via Google. Her retreat was full, but we got Jane. What a fantastic lady. She put everyone at ease. Beautiful lessons, meditations and the silent walk she called rebellious because she made this very special. What a week with a super group.
Oh and the food ... for that reason alone you have to go."

— anita bos lammers, NETHERLANDS, OCTOBER 2018

“What a warm welcome from you, Jane. I have felt this warmth throughout the whole week, from you, but also from the rest of the group. What a great cook too. I got new inspiration, but also the peace of mind I was looking for. An incredibly beautiful experience that I can recommend to everyone.”

— tessa peul, NETHERLANDS, OCTOBER 2018

“I was lucky to have spent a few months with Jane as my yoga teacher on Bonaire AND to have attended the Yin Yang Yoga Retreat in the mountains near Málaga in October that she organized together with Viva La Vida.

The whole retreat was organized so well. We enjoyed great cooking by Tiziana and stayed in a beautiful, traditional, Spanish ‘cortijo’. Jane welcomed us all with open arms and an open heart. She made us feel comfortable during the yoga classes and beyond. Her teaching is professional, I love how she could easily adapt to the group and the location. The group was in harmony and Jane knew exactly what type of yoga classes we needed each day. I was moved by her Yoga Nidra session; she is an incredible ‘narrator’ with a calming and suiting voice for meditations.

This retreat week meant so much to me. Thank you for this wonderful experience dear Jane. You are beautiful, loving and inspirational! Until we meet again, which is soon hopefully.” 

— Daphne Nossels, NETHERLANDS, OCTOBER 2018

Rebalance yoga retreat

Bonaire - caribbean

Do you feel like taking a break from your busy life? Do you want to enjoy the sun and the ocean and practice yoga on the most amazing spot right next to the ocean?
Then come join me for a 7-day retreat in paradise. I will take you on a journey passed the 5 elements to rebalance your body, mind and soul.

- 7 - 14 April 2018
- 12 - 19 May 2018
- 9 - 16 June 2018
- 21 - 28 July 2018

- 25 Aug - 1 Sep 2018

Most likely I will host this retreat also in December 2018.
Please get in touch if you would like more info.

There are various room & price options available, depending on occupancy per room.
For further info on the retreat please check the Sorobon website: or contact me via email or the contact form on this website.
For more info on the accommodation please check:

Rebalance & Renew retreat

Bonaire - caribbean

This wonderful retreat in paradise can literally rebalance and renew you.

11 - 18 November 2017
2 - 9 December 2017

For the Dutchies: check out what JAN Magazine has to say about Sorobon:

There are various room & price options available, depending on occupancy per room.
For further info please check the Sorobon website: or contact me via email or the contact form on this website.

Viva la Vida yin les

Malaga - spain

At a beautiful place in the mountains near Malaga there is a wonderful retreat place called Viva la Vida. I will be part of their team in September and October. Come join us for 5 days of yoga, meditation, workshops, hikes, lovely healthy food and lots of stunning nature.

28 September - 2 October 2017

Please check all information on the Viva la Vida website: or contact me via email or the contact form on this website.


coin - spain

Close to Malaga there is a wonderful retreat place called Riverheart.
They host various retreats. I will be joining the team for a family retreat. "A chance for family members to breathe, connect and have fun together."

13 - 20 August 2017

There are various room & price options available.
For further info please check the Riverheart website: or contact me via email or the contact form on this website.